The group of physicians, hospitals, facilities, and other providers of medical care who are in contract with a health insurance company to offer discounted rates for their services. Networks of providers can offer a broad range of services or extend over a large geographical region.


A prerequisite that group health coverage under an employer cannot withhold coverage or charge more for a plan due to an individual’s health status. The employer is not legally allowed to discriminate against an employee for any health condition or being a high risk individual. Employer plans are able to limit coverage on the basis of non-health-status related factors, such as being a part time employee.

New Plan

Refers to the Affordable Care Act, a plan that has been created after the health care reform laws were enacted in March 2010, therefore these “new plans” must follow health reform regulations. For individual health insurance, a plan you or your family is buying for the first time is a new plan. For group health insurance, a plan that the employer is offering for the first time is a new plan. If an employer is operating under a grandfathered plan (or plan that was created before the ACA was enacted), and you are new to the employer, you will be offered a grandfathered plan, which is not subject to all regulations of health reform. All health plans must indicate whether they are “new” or “grandfathered” in its plan materials.



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