Health Insurance Scams

About Health Insurance Scams

As a result of the Health Reform bill being passed, health insurance scams began to see a huge increase across the nation. Internet scams as a means of selling personal information are a rampant trend in every arena, but those looking for health insurance have become very easy targets.

Health Insurance scams have been seen in the forms of limited-benefit plans or discount cards, fake insurance plans, or just plan identity theft. The high-pressure salespeople aggressively offer “deals” and assert that their plan will be unaffected by the changes made by Health Reform. Only health insurance plans purchased before the PPACA laws were passed are exempt from changes, so this is clearly fraud.



How To Spot A Scam

Determining whether or not a company is legitimate is fairly simple, but they have been getting increasingly more deceptive. According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, the following are some warning signs for a health insurance scam:

  • Constant emails and phone calls advertising discounts and special prices.
  • Pressure to sign up immediately because the deal is going to end soon.
  • “Too good to be true” is exactly that. Be wary of any company using this phrase, or indicating a plan that has a deal that is unusual and far cheaper. You will get short changed.
  • Allegedly part of a government agency or an officially-sanctioned program. The government is not likely to appoint aggressive scam artists to personally call and offer you discounts multiple times a day.
  • The insurance card or policy never arrives. If it is legitimate, it would arrive fairly quickly.
  • The sales rep dodges questions about specifics of the plan, sometimes suggesting the details are in the brochure. They may even refuse to provide you with a full policy.
  • Using a website that appears professionally designed or a URL that sounds official, with the push to sign up online. The details of the plan may still be vague.


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