How to Buy Health Insurance From AARP

When shopping for health insurance, without any prior knowledge it can be confusing, overwhelming, and an easy opportunity for someone to rip you off. The more you understand, the more likely you are to get the best plan for your dollar and the services you actually need.


East Coast Health Insurance makes the process simple as it can be, and is here to clear up any confusion you may have with medical insurance.

There are a few key ingredients: age, height, weight, tobacco use, and zip code. Then, you express whether you would like to include anyone else on your plan, which is very important if you have a spouse or dependent children.

You will also be asked if you have insurance already, if you take medications, how often you use your health insurance, and price range preferences.

If it sounds a little too personal to share with a stranger, that’s what the online form is there for.


We have nothing to hide, so here is what exactly to expect from a casual quote synopsis with one of our brokers:

“Hi (Lead Name), This is (your name) with East Coast Health Insurance! You were on our (website name) website at (reference date and time). I was calling to see how I can help you out today and just you know this call may be monitored and recorded for quality purposes!”

[Let them speak and give you information on what they are looking for]

“Great, we can definitely help you out, we offer every carrier in your state, so we will find the best plan in your area for the best price.”

[Now confirm Sugar info]

Primary Name:________DOB________ Ht:_______ Wt:__________

Spouse Name:________ DOB________ Ht:_______ Wt:__________

Dep (1)_________ DOB________ Ht:_______ Wt:__________

Dep (2)_________ DOB________ Ht:_______ Wt:__________

“Now you are located in _____(State) at zip code ________.

Awesome, Now are you currently insured?

If Yes, “Is that through an Employer” (if so when does it end, effective date will be when that ends), COBRA (“how long have you been on it”, effective date is when they are paid through), Individual Plan ( “why are you shopping?” Effective date is when they are paid through.)

If No, “ I assume you want the soonest effective date.

“Great, now are you taking any medications?”


  • Name_______ Start Date______ End Date______ Reason taking_______
  • Name_______ Start Date______ End Date______ Reason taking_______
  • Name_______ Start Date______ End Date______ Reason taking_______

“Now have you been hospitalized or had any surgeries in the last 10 years?

“Great now how often do you use your health insurance?

“Are there any specific Benefits that you need in your insurance?

“Is Rx important to you?

“Is having a copay important (remember your preventative care is free, be sure to mention if that is only how they use it)?

“Are there doctors that are important for you to keep in your network?

“Now, I won’t hold you to it, but is there a price range you are trying to stay around?

“Ok great, now like I said before, we represent all the carriers in your area, but after looking at them, (carrier name) comes in the best no matter what type of plan. Now, based on the information you gave me, we can do a $[xxxx] Deductible. This plan has $xx copay for doctors and $xx for specialists. Now your annual checkup, blood work, and other preventative care is no cost to you. This plan has an accident and critical illness benefit that will cover your deductible in case of accidents such as car, cutting you finger, etc., and if you have a major illness such as heart attack, stroke, cancer etc., this will help keep your cost down and still give you the benefits you need.”

“Does that sound like a good plan?” [get a yes, if no, what is it that you do not like?] “Now this plan costs [$xxx] Is that a good price? [get a yes, if no, “Ok we can do the same plan outline with a higher deductible at $xxx; does that sound good?:]. Great, now since you need an effective date of MM/DD, and UW can take up to 2 weeks to 2 months. Let’s go ahead and apply for this plan. Now it does not cost you anything to apply, but you will be charged upon approval so you will need to submit payment information with your application.


I want to look at the plan.

Once we submit the application, you will have plenty of time to review everything after we submit the application, but since we are under a time constraint with your effective date, and as a professional, I recommend we do this application now to ensure your effective date. (Reference the length of time in UW and your 10 day free look period).

I need to look at this with my spouse.

Same as above, but confirm that they like the plan, and let them know they are not locked in and we can always change the plan within the carrier. Since this carrier is most competitive across the board, we just need to get you into UW to ensure your effective date!

I am going to shop around…

Well sir/ma’am, I do offer every carrier in your area. List the price of every carrier at the same deductible.

Send me an email…

I have hundreds of plans, what would you like to send me? Go back to asking details and asking good questions. Also use MIKOGO here. Ask if they are in front the computer, and tell them to click on the link. If they ask what they are doing, tell them I am going to show you all the plans. (DO NOT EXPLAIN THAT YOU ARE DOING A WEB CONFERENCE).

Too Busy Right now…

I understand you’re busy. Me too! But I just need to know which plans I can send out to you. I’m looking at about 100 plans in your area. HOW IS YOUR HEALTH?” and go back to script!