Bishops vs. Birth Control: Health Reform Under Attack By Catholics

Big surprise: Catholic Bishops are attempting to eliminate the birth control mandate of the health reform bill, which would give insurance coverage for birth control with no co-pay. They have threatened to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration if they allow this to occur. As a part of health reform, religious organizations and non-profits are required to offer health insurance to employees, part of which is birth control coverage for women.



The President quickly came up with a compromise, which was also rejected by the bishops. The compromise was that insurance companies would pay for the cost of birth control instead of employers, but that was not substantial enough for the Catholic Church. When dealing with black-and-white, fire-and-brimstone thinkers, there is no compromise.

Although Catholics screaming, picketing, and egging the Planned Parenthood is old news, health reform is now facing the irritating brunt of these extremists. Millions of American women use birth control, and the President is doing his best to reach every demographic with health reform.

Apparently, church and state need to be even more separate. Perhaps they can reach another compromise, a law specific to those employed by the Catholic church instead of militantly raining on the parade of those who need fair and equal health care.

American females (that do not wish to contribute to overpopulation) can only hope that practicality and the majority rules out religion, as there are no concrete, only belief-related issues to argue. Put the cardboard signs down, and let people have their rights.

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