Alexandria, VA


Alexandria, Virginia is a historically preserved city across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., which is constantly growing and bringing in new residents. Ideal for D.C. commuters, Alexandria has charm and culture in addition to northern Virginia’s signature colonial reenactments. A center for the arts, Alexandria is popular among tourists and residents alike. Its location is perfect for anyone who wants a quieter, more suburban stay near the nation’s capital, though it has its own personality as well.

Known especially as a destination for its Old Town neighborhood full of galleries, antique shops, and local restaurants, this part of Alexandria preserves its history in architecture and cobblestone. The Torpedo Factory Art Center is a notable attraction, with over 82 artist studios, 6 galleries, and several workshops, it brings in about 500,000 visitors every year. Old Town also hosts a weekly farmer’s market, adding to the community’s closeness. Local restaurants, bars, and venues offer an array of options for nightlife in Alexandria.

Various parks and notable landmarks and monuments are also available in Alexandria, including the Mount Vernon Trail, with popular paths for jogging and biking. This trail runs through Old Town near the Potomac River, and there is also a stretch of parks along the riverfront from one end of the city to another. For a more natural experience, residents can visit the Theodor Roosevelt Island Park, a 91-acre wooded island in the middle of the Potomac with hiking, bird watching, and other activities. There are many other parks in the region in a short commute.

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