Atlanta, GA


The largest city in the state of Georgia and the ninth largest in the United States, Atlanta is a historical and cultural mecca with a very strong economy. Full of all types of people and industries, Atlanta is a vibrant home to the arts, higher education, professional sports, and over ten Fortune 500 companies. Atlanta received the fourth spot on the “Most Fun U.S. Cities” survey, and has a reputation of the “city in a forest” due to the abundance of trees throughout the urban region. The city’s tree canopy has been a great contribution to keeping air pollution down, and is in the process of being replenished from significant loss over the years.

Atlanta is home to 343 parks, nature preserves, and gardens, covering 3622 acres of the city. Recreation and physical activity of all kinds can be enjoyed throughout the city, as many runners and joggers take advantage of the city layout and can also participate in the Peachtree Road Race, the world’s largest 10 km race. The city also contains six public golf courses and 182 tennis courts. Along the Chattahoochie River, water sports of all kinds take place regularly, and Atlanta is also home to a large skate park.

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