Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge is Louisiana’s largest city and is home to several universities, a multitude of cultural attractions and events, many of which are dedicated to the city’s Southern heritage. Historical buildings and modern architecture lines the streets of Baton Rouge, and events are constantly taking place regardless of the time of year. Baton Rouge culture is heavily influenced by the populations of Louisiana State University and Southern University, as well as the city’s history of lively musical traditions. Blues, Creole, Zydeco, and Jazz are a few genres represented during Baton Rouge Blues Week, one of many city festivals.

The Greater Baton Rouge State Fair is another large event gathering many residents together, while others may prefer attending the Shaw Center for the Arts, which houses the LSU Museum of Art and the Manship Theatre. The arts can also be experienced in other venues such as the Louisiana Art and Science Museum, or in any of the city’s numerous local art galleries. Sports and gambling are also a major attraction in Baton Rouge, with several college teams and a floating casino on the riverfront.

However urban and industrialized Baton Rouge may be, there is access to the signature swamp land of Louisiana in and around the city. Beginning with the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center in the heart of downtown, this facility has 101-acres dedicated to conservation of wildlife and ecology and is filled with alligators, foxes, bobcats, and birds. Most other outdoor recreation in Baton Rouge includes golf courses, amusement parks, and historical sites, you can find places to take in the city scenery and greenery if you choose to brave the humidity outside.

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