Birmingham, AL

The city of Birmingham, Alabama is the largest in the state, situated between Atlanta and the Gulf of Mexico at the furthest ends of the Appalachian foothills. With beginnings as an industrial center, many major corporations are still headquartered in Birmingham, including Saks, Regions Bank, and AmSouth Bancorp. The abundant attractions of Birmingham are a draw for all Alabama residents, as it is clearly the state’s cultural center. Historical venues The Alabama Theatre and Carver Theatre, and additional performance spaces downtown provide frequent music, film, and other live entertainment.

Art galleries are also scattered throughout the city, as well as local shops and restaurants contributing to Birmingham’s recent revival. The city is also home to the Birmingham Museum of Art, which is the largest art museum in the Southeast. The Birmingham community is also involved with film, with events including the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival and the Workplay building, with studios, film production space, a lounge, a theater, and stage for visiting artists and screenings. Other festivals include the Southern Heritage Festival, the Taste of 4th Avenue Jazz Festival, and Alabama Bound, hosted by the city’s public library.

Located near the Appalachians, the outdoors are treated with respect in Birmingham, as many parks and trees are planted throughout the city. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a more urban, organized approach to appreciation of nature, though beautifully constructed over 67 acres. Oak Mountain State Park, located ten miles outside Birmingham, is part of the Appalachian Mountain chain, and offers incredible views of the Great Smoky Mountains at the park’s highest point.

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