Boulder, CO

Home to the University of Colorado at Boulder, and miles of world-class trails, Boulder is a quaint yet growing mountain town with a vibrant community. Often noted for being one of the best U.S. cities to live in, as well as one of Colorado’s most liberal locales, Boulder has consistently been ranked in the top cities for health, wellness, education, and art. Outdoor recreation is an essential part of Boulder living, with over 36,000 acres of open space, conservation areas, and nature preserves. Hiking is available throughout the city and county, with trailheads to Chautauqua Park located in the city limits.

Most of Boulder’s culture revolves around being active, whether going rock climbing or biking, or attending one of the city’s various festivals throughout the year. Boulder is home to several film festivals including the Boulder International Film Festival, The Shoot Out 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival, and Bent Lens Cinema. Music is also an integral part of Boulder, with a broad span of genres play and originate from the city, from symphonic and blue to industrial and jam bands. Boulder completes its natural inclination with a stellar downtown Farmer’s Market to supply the population (who doesn’t grow their own food) with locally grown freshness.

Residents of Boulder looking for health insurance have plenty of choices. Some of the nation’s and the region’s strongest carriers offer individual and family plans in your city, such as Kaiser Permanente, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross of Colorado, UnitedHealthcare, Humana, and local company Rocky Mountain Health Plans. To compare each of your options in Boulder, enter your zip code below. For additional information or assistance, call one of our agents at 888 803 5917.

To provide Boulder residents with an idea of the best health plans offered in your area, for price and coverage, we ran a sample quote for a 30-year-old male living in Boulder. With no health problems and a non-smoker, this resident is not anticipating anything more than necessary preventive care and maybe an occasional doctor’s office visit throughout the year for unexpected illness or allergies. Searching for overall coverage for a low cost is the goal, therefore our deductible of choice is $2500.

Selecting the plans with the most benefits, including immediate ones, for the lowest premiums in this deductible range, we filtered out our recommendations. A comprehensive plan for a low price is getting increasingly hard to find, so these are important factors to look for. You may not favor a plan with instant benefits for a copay, or want to start an HSA, therefore feel free to make your own comparison. By choosing a plan with copays, we have found many people prefer the cost and convenience for common services. The following are plans from each company offered in Boulder, at the best rates for this particular resident.




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