Cheyenne, WY


Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming and the largest city in the state. Formed as a cowboy town based around the building of the Union Pacific Railroad, its roots lie in the Wild West. A small city of about 60,000 residents, Cheyenne still offers a variety of activities to its residents with its rich history and culture. Over fifty locations in the city are listed on the National Register of Historical Places, some of which are entire historical districts downtown. The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is a city landmark, located in Lions Park, which houses three solar greenhouses growing herbs, cacti, vegetables, tropical plants, and various flowers.

Many parks are available in the Cheyenne region, in the city and outside. The city also include the Greater Cheyenne Greenway, comprised of many paths that give residents access to the parks and neighborhoods of Cheyenne. Named “Trail Town USA” by the National Park Service and the American Hiking Society as a result of the Greenway, Cheyenne has earned itself credit as a well-planned city. Local parks offer many activities, including disc gold courses, the Lions Park Physical Fitness Course, a skate park, an amphitheater, as well as team sports, biking and walking.
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