Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs was founded as a resort community, and is now the second most populous city in the state of Colorado. Home to the corporate headquarters of Hewlett-Packard, the city has become a center for technological advancement as well as its attractive surroundings. Located in the Rocky Mountains, the great outdoors are in abundance in Colorado Springs, yet commerce, sports, and culture still support the growing city. The mountain terrain lends a high emphasis to outdoor sports, and therefore some interesting museums dedicated to figure skating and the professional rodeo.

Living in Colorado Springs, you should be out in nature at every opportunity! There is something for everyone to do in the Rockies, and Colorado Springs hosts a variety of parks and trails. It is of course a destination for skiing, but also has the New Santa Fe Regional Trail, Pikes Peak Greenway, and Fountain Creek Regional Trail, which form a 35-mile pathway that is favored by cyclists, hikers, and runners alike.
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