Columbia, SC


Columbia, South Carolina is home to nearly 116,000 residents and has a multitude of cultural and historical attractions accompanied by a vibrant community. Columbia culture is a harmonious mix of the arts, commerce, the University of South Carolina, and the great outdoors. Due to the large university and city development, there are many activities to be had among downtown restaurants of local and familiar franchise varieties. Contrasting the new construction, there are also several historic antebellum homes throughout the area. There is also a thriving arts community in Columbia, strewn with galleries, art schools, theaters, and murals lining the streets exhibiting the local population of artists of all mediums.

Settled midway between the Atlantic Coast and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Columbia has beautiful, rolling hills is are surrounded by many locations to serve lovers of the outdoors. With many rivers and falls in the area, the opportunity to kayak or canoe the local waters is certainly in abundance. There are many parks located throughout and nearby the Columbia region, including Sesquicentennial State Park, which accommodates camping, hiking, canoeing, mountain biking and casual walking. There is little excuse, except perhaps the dense summer air, to not be active in the Columbia area.

If you are a resident of Columbia in the market for a new individual health plan, you have several options when choosing your carrier. Companies offering plans in your area include Aetna, Celtic, Cigna, Coventry, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare. To compare rates and benefits on your own, enter your zip code below and get a quick quote to select the deductible and premium that work best for you. Due to the abundance of plans (we currently found 88) in your city, do not hesitate to call us with any questions at 888 803 5917.

To give an example of what health insurance plans and premiums look like in Columbia, we have created a sample quote for a 40-year-old male resident of the downtown area. Setting the deductible at $2,500, we can track down the best options for this client, including a low monthly rate paired with a high level of coverage. This client is in good health, does not smoke, and uses the various opportunities to be active in Columbia, which is always a positive contribution to getting a fair premium.

We have selected the plans with the lowest premiums from each available company in Columbia to demonstrate a comparison of rates for a benefit-rich plan. Those who want a higher deductible and a lower premium can choose a $10,000 plan, or a lower deductible with higher premiums, it is all a matter of personal preference and budget. This client is not looking to spend too much on health insurance, but still wants to have access to care if needed. These plans offer such coverage, and below are the rates from every company.




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