Dallas, Texas is the ninth most populated city in the US, with 1.2 million residents. Their skyline includes a gigantic disco ball (the Reunion Tower), and they are home to the largest state fair in the country, professional sports (and cutthroat fans), and is packed with every type of cultural and tourist attraction you could imagine would be included in a Texan metropolis. Dallas has events of all kinds, and is a popular location for year-round festivals, such as the International Guitar Festival and the Dallas International Festival, which take place during International DFW Week.

Those who live in Dallas have access to a myriad of activities, due to the sub-tropical climate, many activities revolve around being outdoors. There are many wildlife centers, ranches, rodeos, and tons of parks in the area. Whether you ride a bull or a bicycle, you can stay healthy and active in the Dallas region. Dallas Parks & Recreation have constructed and meticulously maintain ten major trails for hiking, biking, and some are alternatives to commuting. If you work in the downtown area, the 3.5 mile Katy Trail is a great way to commute and stay active simultaneously, and visit a scenic park.

If you are a resident of Dallas in search of a great health insurance plan, there are several options to choose from. Since many residents are college students, make sure you check for student plans in the area. To get a relevant quote for your age, family size (if applicable), and price range, enter your zip code below:


For a better understanding of what health insurance options are available in Dallas, a sample quote has been created for a sample client who is a 30 year old, female, non-smoker who lives in zip code 75201. This client is in good health and utilizes the opportunities to be active in Dallas, and they also do not want to spend very much when they commit to a health insurance plan.

Since the client does not expect to need many medical services throughout the year, and has no known conditions, takes no medications, she is looking for a plan that is simple and inexpensive with a low deductible. Below are the plans with the greatest savings from each company available in Dallas:



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