Dayton, OH


The sixth largest city in Ohio, Dayton is a center of research, health care, industrial, aviation, and aerospace companies that have resulted in various technological innovations. Known as the Gem City, Dayton is not only a center of corporate growth and commerce. The city also enjoys being immersed in the arts, as Dayton was ranked 2nd in the nation as an arts destination in 2012. This is due to their various major performing arts venues, hosting musical, theater, film, and ballet productions, as well as the Dayton Art Institute fine arts museum.

Dayton is also known for its bike friendliness, with over 70 miles of paved, off-road trails connecting Montgomery County with more than 270 miles of trails in four neighboring counties. In addition to the designated trails, there are one of two major cities in Ohio to offer bicycle only lanes in their downtown region. The Fiver Rivers MetroParks organization set up these trails, and also helps maintain trails and parks for hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding, and all sorts of other outdoor activities in the Dayton region. The area is ideal for being active and healthy as there is access to clean air and well-kept natural space.

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