Flint, MI


Flint is one of the most populous cities in Michigan, and is credited with the state’s beginnings in the automotive industry, as the General Motors Corporation was founded there. Several universities in Flint, including the University of Michigan at Flint, Kettering University, formerly known as General Motors Institute of Technology, and Central Michigan University, adding an educational background to the city. A simultaneously historical and industrial city, many of Flint’s cultural aspects revolve around preserved buildings, shops, and sites. The city is also home to several museums and organizations for the arts, including the Flint Cultural Center, which features an art center, auditorium, music center, and planetarium.

Despite the larger population, there are plenty of small-town happenings in Flint, with events like the Genesee County Fair, and a drive-in movie theater. The Flint Institute of the Arts also hosts many events, from art exhibitions to auto shows. Parks in Flint-Genesee County are also abundant with activities for those who appreciate the outdoors. Several beaches are offered through the park system in addition to trails for walking, biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and riding horses. The Goldenrod Disc Golf course is also available, in addition to designated areas for off-roading and snowmobiling.

If you are resident of Flint in search of a health plan, there are many options on the private market. Most major national carriers, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Aetna, Humana, United, offer plans, as well as several regional insurance companies, Health Alliance, Priority Health, and HealthPlus. There are also public health options for Flint residents if you cannot afford a private plan. To see all of your hundred plus plans to choose from and pricing, enter your zip code below. Call one of our brokers with any questions at 888 803 5917.

To give you a better idea of health plans in Flint, we ran a quote for a 30-year-old female resident of your city. This resident does not smoke and is in good health, as she often enjoys a good walk around the river and other activities. Premium rates vary based on age, gender, smoking, and family size, as far as the online quoting process goes, so she only has one of those odds making her premiums higher (gender). For healthy males of the same age, the rates will be lower than what you see here. Regardless, there are comprehensive medical insurance plans to fit many budgets and lifestyles in Flint.

Selecting a plan can be difficult, especially with so many to decide between. We narrowed down our choices for this resident by affordability – a $2500 deductible, low coinsurance, and no limit on doctor’s office visits. Many plans can reduce their rates by covering only the first 3 or 4 non-preventive visits, and it is an ultimately better deal to spend on the unlimited plan (if you can afford to). Below are the plans fit to these specifications for cost and coverage from each company in Flint.