Fort Smith, AR

Known for its hand in establishing the Wild West, Fort Smith, Arkansas is the second largest city in the state and rich with history. On the border of Oklahoma, Fort Smith is a has maintained a high regard for its roots in historical preservation, and has the nickname “Hell on the Border,” based on the city’s frontier jail. Old buildings commemorating Fort Smith’s rowdy days have been kept as national historic sites, including one of many former brothels. The Belle Grove Historic District houses 22 blocks of 130 years of varying residential architectural styles.

Local history museums abound in Fort Smith, and in 2013, an art museum is to open, featuring national and international artists’ traveling exhibits. Fort Smith also hosts one of the largest bi-state fairs in the country, the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair, which brings thousands to the city each September. The city also has an active music scene, with consistent local and national acts of various genres. The riverfront amphitheater accommodates performances for the best of local bands.

Fort Smith Parks and Recreation have created a variety of parks, including downtown, the riverfront, and neighborhoods, with a bikeway traveling throughout the city. Active residents of Fort Smith can access walking trails, basketball courts, and more within the urban area, and venture out to Lake Fort Smith State Park for a more nature-heavy experience. This park offers a trail link connecting to the Ozark Highlands Trail, camping, and boating.

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