Kenosha, WI


Often considered Chicago’s northernmost suburb, the city of Kenosha is not only a residential area for commuters, but offers its own downtown and liveliness. Kenosha weighs in among the top 50 high-tech economies in the nation, based on a 2009 survey for knowledge-based industries. In addition to a stable business realm, the Kenosha economy is also supported by tourism. HarborPark and Lake Michigan’s beaches attract many out-of-town visitors as well as several diverse museums, which are Smithsonian affiliates. The city is also the host of several large events such as the Wisconsin Marathon, and the TREK Women’s Triathlon Series in Prairie Springs Park.

Kenosha is also a music loving city, with open air performances taking place each summer for over 80 years. Venues also are available for concerts ranging from local bands to orchestral music throughout the city. Kenosha is filled with parks, and has been known as Tree City USA for the past 30 years. Outdoor activities are in abundance whether along the Lake Michigan shoreline or in downtown’s Washington Park, complete with the country’s oldest functioning velodrome. Nearby parks also offer camping, hiking, and are lined with various types of sculpture.

If you are a resident of Kenosha and interested in a new health insurance policy, you have several options. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, UnitedHealthcare, Celtic, and a regional company, WPS offer individual and family coverage in your city. To compare all plans and get rates specific to you and your family, enter your zip code below. For more information or questions, call 888 803 5917.

To better digest your Kenosha individual health insurance options, a sample quote has been created for a client who is a 27 year old, male, non-smoker who lives downtown. This client is in good health and utilizes the opportunities to be active in the city, and they also do not want to spend more than they have to on a health insurance plan. Because this individual does not expect to use much health care throughout the year, but wants the safety net of coverage, he wants to find a policy that is easy to understand and use, and also inexpensive.

In Kenosha, you can either purchase a standard PPO plan, a PPO with an HSA, or a POS plan. Some of these plans have higher deductibles for a lower monthly premium. The choice depends on whether the client wants the whole gamut of care in case of emergency, just a few services to have some back up, or create a savings account for medical use. Below are the plans with the greatest savings available in Kenosha to successfully bring the most benefits for the lowest cost.