Las Vegas


One of the largest tourism and gambling cities in the world, Las Vegas actually does have a considerable amount of year-round residents. It might seem hard to believe with the amount of vacation, convention, and event-goer traffic, but the population is roughly 500,000 in the city limits and 1.6 million in the entire metropolitan area. Since there are no city or state taxes, and hotels and casinos are constantly creating new job opportunities, this neon landmark is gaining new residents constantly. The economy is stable, as one would imagine. With an endless stream of entertainment and more hotel rooms than any other city in the world, Las Vegas is never starved for business. Festivals, concerts, conventions, and events of all sorts bring the world together in this flashy melting pot of lively indulgence.

Besides an outing to the Strip, there are a variety of ways to get recreation in the Las Vegas area. For outdoor enthusiasts, Red Rock Canyon is a few hours west of the city, and has ample opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbinh, and camping in its nearly 200,000 acres of staggering natural beauty. There are also trails in Lake Mead National Recreation Area for hiking and access to water sports of any kind. So when the blackjack table stool starts to feel too comfortable, there’s plenty of nature available to keep busy and provide residents with a less artificial backdrop.

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