Lawrence, KS


A small city rich with history and its own microcosm of culture, Lawrence has established itself as a hub for art, music, and tourism. The hipster trend influx over the past decade has led to a boost in the population and popularity of Lawrence. It existing residents have been hit with craft fairs, cutesy drawings (thanks in part to staffing at the Lawrence location of Hallmark Cards), and an abundance of local music, making it a prime destination for the young generation. The economy has surely been affected in a positive way as a result, including University of Kansas enrollment and local business. All jokes aside, the Lawrence economy has been dominated by media, the University, and Hallmark for many years. Lawrence is already home to various cultural elements, including several art and history museums, historic architecture, and parks throughout the city.

Named one of the “best lil’ college towns” by Rolling Stone magazine in 2005 for its art and music scene, and noted by New York Times as having “the most vital music scene between Chicago and Denver” in the same year. Local bars and music venues are plenty, and support the active musical inclination of the students and residents of Lawrence. The famous Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival is also located close by, bringing many large acts and visitors to the area for almost a decade. With access to city parks and greater recreation opportunities outside of downtown, Lawrence residents also have the ability to stay healthy and active.

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