Louisville, Kentucky is a small, lively city filled with modern culture among historical roots of the Old South. One of the staples of Louisville culture is the Kentucky Derby, attracting people from across the world each year at Churchill Downs for horse racing. The birthplace of famous Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, Louisville Slugger baseball bats, and the home of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the area remains a diverse cross between arts and commerce. The University of Louisville and other colleges add an academic influence to the area, and many corporations inhabit the countryside and hold large conferences downtown.

The population of Louisville can enjoy a variety of activities, including festivals throughout the warmer months of the year along the waterfront and throughout the city. The outdoors are readily accessible for a variety of activities, including the Ohio river and many parks in the area. Louisville is famous for housing one of the best skate parks in the country, the Louisville Extreme Park. The city also has a variety of dining and nightlife options, arts and entertainment of all sorts from local music to large acts in historical venues.

If you are a resident of Louisville in search of a health insurance policy, East Coast Health Insurance has the best options in the area. Companies available in your city include Anthem Blue Cross, Humana and UnitedHealthOne. To get a quote for your age, family size (if applicable) and health status, enter your zip code below to get the process started. You can compare plans from each company and see pricing options as well.



To get a better idea of what health plans are available in Louisville, a quote was created for a sample client who is a 29 year old, non-smoking male living in zip code 40204. This client is in good health and uses the opportunities to bike, walk and be active in the city, and is not looking to spend too much on health insurance, while still getting a good set of benefits. If an accident did happen (a KFC overdose or too much extremeness at the skate park perhaps) they want to have coverage for emergency care and some other services.

Not wanting too high a deductible, as the client does not expect to need much medical care, we would suggest a $2,500 deductible just in case. This level also is fairly inexpensive and covers a greater number of benefits if they ever do need hospital care, lab work, or surgery. These plans all provide preventive care, and flexibility by giving access to in-network and out-of-network providers. The following plans looked like the best selections for saving money and receiving adequate coverage for this client, even giving the chance to open a health savings account for an affordable rate.





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