Madison, WI

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin, and a center of academics, nightlife, the great outdoors, and the arts alike. The combination of nature and city life make for an interesting cultural cross-section and plenty to do. The University of Wisconsin comprises much of the population, and hosts a variety of entertainment. Performing arts are always in effect, such as the Madison Symphony and Repertory Theater, and there is a thriving local music scene.

There are lakes, beaches and more than 240 parks in the Madison area, where you can take part in the activity of your choice – from ice fishing and sailing to hiking and biking. In the winter time, it is a perfect place for skiing, snowboarding, and skating. Madison is also the bike capital of the midwest due to the high concentration of bicycles (more than cars!) and over 100 miles of trails. There is no excuse to not be active in Madison!

If you are a resident of Madison, and are in search of health insurance, you have a variety of options at your disposal. Individual and family policies are available through great companies such as Humana, Celtic, and UnitedHealth One. To get a relevant quote for your age, family size, and price range, enter your zip code below:



For a better understanding of what health insurance options are available in the Madison area, a sample quote has been created for a sample client who is a 30 year old, female non-smoker who lives in Downtown Madison. This client is in good health and utilizes the opportunities to be active in Madison, and they also do not want to spend very much when they commit to a health insurance plan.

Since the client does not expect to need many medical services throughout the year, and has no known conditions, takes no medications, she is looking for a plan that is simple and inexpensive with a low deductible. She has heard good things about PPO plans, that they are convenient and save money, but there are also POS, Indemnity, and HSA plans available.



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