Manchester, NH

Manchester, New Hampshire is the largest city in the state and the tenth largest in New England. Located alongside the Merrimack River in addition to several other lakes and rivers, the city consists of 5.44% water. In the calm, laid-back city of Manchester, there are various industries and several outlets for higher education. The city is very historical, with old mills and factories lining the downtown limits, and the Palace Theatre performance venue. The Currier Museum of Art and the New Hampshire Institute of Art add an element of culture to the city as well. Professional sports seem to be a higher priority, with the Verizon Wireless Arena hosting hockey games and other teams. Manchester has also been recognized for its economic stability, as it was voted 13th in CNN’s 100 best places to live and launch a business in the US.

Being in New Hampshire, Manchester residents are surrounded by mountains and the opportunity to ski, snowboard, or hike, bike, and participate in various water activities during the warmer months. The McIntyre Ski Area allows those who live in Manchester to ski without leaving the city, and large state parks are very close by for a wider variety of activities. Mountain biking, hiking, and equestrian trails through Bear Brook State Park are located in a 10,000 acre forest with marshes, bogs, summits, and ponds.

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