Medford-Ashland, OR


Two cities twelve miles apart, Medford and Ashland comprise a metropolitan area of Southern Oregon that has been established as a tourist attraction for its natural beauty. Located near the California border, the Jackson County area is surrounded by the Siskiyou and Cascade Mountain, though situate in the Rogue Valley. Atypical of the Pacific Northwest climate, the Medford-Ashland region does not experience consistent rainfall and grey skies, making it a favorable location. Medford is famous for its pears, and the whole area is part of Oregon wine country, with exceptional local vineyards. The healthcare, agriculture, and timber industries thrive in Medford, while Ashland serves as its cultural counterpart.

Both cities provide higher education, with Southern Oregon University and the OSU Cascades campus, in addition to community colleges. Ashland is renowned for its involvement with the arts, including the Ashland Independent Film Festival, and hosting the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in a magnificent Shakepearean amphitheater. Galleries line the streets downtown, various venues for all kinds of theater, and live music is happening every night of the week. The area offers many attractions, including Crater Lake National Park, Schneider Museum of Art, and the Pacific Northwest Museum of Natural History.

Of course, there are numerous options for outdoor activities and recreation in Medford and Ashland. Ashland’s 93-acre Lithia Park has hiking trails, duck ponds, a Japanese garden, and fountains of natural mineral water you can drink from Ashland Creek. Valley of the Rogue State Park is also nearby, as well as the Oregon Caves National Monument, making the region ideal for hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, and many other activities.

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