Settled right on the Mississippi River, this music-centered city is bursting with life and culture. It is widely known as the birthplace of the Blues, as well as the home of Elvis Presley, and it therefore a huge tourist destination. There are a variety of museums dedicated to some of the most famous styles of music to the region: blues, rockabilly, rock ‘n roll, and soul. An important historical attraction is also located in Memphis, The National Civil Rights Museum, which is set in the building where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

Festivals are quite frequent, as well as great barbecue, and there is also access to a good amount of recreation. Overton Park has biking and hiking trails, golf courses, and tennis courts, and there are the beaches of Mud Island. The nightlife could be recreation enough with constant access to high quality blues, jazz, rock, country, rockabilly, and hip hop music throughout the streets of Memphis.

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