Minneapolis Health Insurance


Minneapolis is a diverse city, known mostly for an abundance of major corporations, the Mall of America, and Prince (it’s his hometown, and the backdrop for Purple Rain). It has been rated one of the best cities for entrepreneurs, families, women, and overall one of the 50 best places to live in the US.

In close proximity to its neighbor, St. Paul, the two have long been called the “Twin Cities” (a name given by Mark Twain). The area is packed with culture, art, architecture (skyscrapers), and offers a variety of trendy restaurants and nightlife in its Warehouse District/First Avenue area. St. Paul provides a quieter alternative for residents who don’t feel like walking in Prince’s footsteps for a night on the town.

The Twin Cities’ professional sports teams are a large component of Minneapolis/St. Paul culture, with the NBA, NFL, NHL, and major league baseball all represented. The area is also famous for its outdoor activities, despite the cold climate. Minneapolis is ranked one of the best cities for outdoor recreation in the nation.

Due to its clean air and well-maintained trails throughout the city and in its parks, it is a hotspot for running, walking, and biking. Also, there are 949 out of 1000 in the “Land of 1,000 Lakes” in the greater metropolitan area, so much recreation can be had in water sports, ice skating, and boating. There are plenty of opportunities to maintain your health in Minneapolis and enjoy your wonderful surroundings.

If you are a resident of Minneapolis in search of a great health insurance plan, there are several options to choose from. Since some residents are college students, make sure you check for student plans in the area. To get a relevant quote for your age, family size (if applicable), and price range, enter your zip code below:


For a better understanding of what health insurance options are available in Minneapolis, a sample quote has been created for a sample client who is a 25 year old, female, non-smoker who lives in zip code 55401. This client is in good health and utilizes the opportunities to be active in Minneapolis, and they also do not want to spend very much when they commit to a health insurance plan.

Since the client does not expect to need many medical services throughout the year, and has no known conditions, takes no medications, she is looking for a plan that is simple and inexpensive with a low deductible. However, if the premium is affordable enough, she is willing to have a higher deductible (because you never know when Prince might challenge you to a game of basketball, it could require hospitalization). Below are the plans with the greatest savings from Medica, the most affordable insurance company with the most options in Minneapolis: