Missoula, MT

The second most populous city in Montana, Missoula is an environmentally friendly community that appreciates its wealth of mountains and greenery. Known as the Garden City, Missoula is a down-to-earth town with a mix of culture and nature. Nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest, this natural gem is filled with trails and is ideal for year-round outdoor activity. The Missoula region is also an economic center of Montana, with business sectors ranging from forestry to health care.

Missoula’s community is a harmonious mix of cowboys, loggers, hippies, and college students, with a few sports fans and retirees mixed in. Coming together for city events is a frequent happening, as indoor and outdoor gatherings are ongoing in downtown Missoula. The River City Roots Festival is a lively celebration of the city and attracts over 10,000 people, while more regular gatherings include the Farmer’s Market and First Friday art gallery walks. The Humanities Montana Festival of the Book and several film festivals also take place in Missoula.

Clearly, the outdoors are the main attraction in Missoula. Surrounded by mountains and water, the city is filled with ways to connect with nature. Hiking and mountain biking trails are located throughout Mount Sentinel, the Sapphire Mountains, and Selway-Bitterroot. The headquarters of Adventure Cycling draws thousands of road bikers to the area, and wildlife enthusiasts can view a plethora of animal and plant species in the local forests. The area is also quite a playground for rock climbers, horseback riders, paddlers, golfers, and skiiers.

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