Mobile, AL

Mobile is a port city, located on the Mobile Bay and the only saltwater port in Alabama. Known as the azalea capital of the world, there are over fifty types of azalea flowers growing throughout the city. Although celebrated most famously in New Orleans, Mobile was the true birthplace of Mardi Gras in the year 1704 and takes a slightly more “family” approach to the festival. Mobile has a variety of museums in the area, including many preserved historical sites, a science center called the Gulf Coast Exploreum, and the Mobile Museum of Art. There are also several colleges in the area, therefore bringing an interest in college-level sports to the population of Mobile. On a professional sports level, the LPGA Tournament is held at Mobile’s Magnolia Grove golf course.

For recreation, there are many parks in the city of Mobile, including a botanical gardens, the City Museum, fish hatcheries, golf courses and Three Mile Creek Lake. These parks are attached to museums and other recreational activities, so there is always something to look at, including the flowers and trees. Th city of Mobile is very relaxed and has an authentic Southern appeal, due to historic preservation and even more so, the attitude of its inhabitants. Mobile is a friendly city with access to many cultural activities, as well as great local events and a sense of community.

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Since the client does not expect to use frequent health care services besides preventive care, has not been diagnosed with any conditions, takes no medications, she is looking for a plan that is simple and has low premiums. Though accidents happen, she does not find it necessary to have an incredibly high deductible at this point in time. The following options were the best suited for our sample client:





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