Morgantown, WV



Morgantown, West Virginia is a small town with a lively attitude. With over 20,000 residents, the city is home to a variety of residents, and is a popular spot for outdoor activities. Located on the banks of the Monongahela River, the city is near the Pennsylvania border and home to West Virginia University, the state’s largest higher education institution – doubling the population with over 25,000 students. A growing city, Morgantown is the medical, commercial, and cultural center of north central West Virginia, bringing more residents to the area over the past 20 years.

Typical of college towns, there are plenty of ways to occupy your free time as a resident of Morgantown. Downtown Morgantown offers historical architecture in homes as well as the Metropolitan Theatre, a preserved Vaudeville house, which is now an operating movie theater. Various museums offer interesting tidbits of history, including the Morgantown Glass Museum, displaying a collection of glasses from regional glass factories. The Monongalia Arts Center has various galleries, a theatre with music and performing arts, as well as classes for residents of Morgantown.

Morgantown’s outdoors offer residents the opportunity to do a variety of activities in the hilly, forested landscape. The Core Arboretum features hiking trails on a nature preserve where many species of wildlife flourish, and several biking trails exist in the woods as well. White water rafting fans can enjoy Cheat Canyon’s 13-mile long ride with world class rapids.

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