Peoria, IL

A city identified as purely Midwestern, Peoria, Illinois is the largest city on the Illinois River. Peoria’s economy was once largely composed of agriculture, distilleries and breweries, which has now branched out into various other industries. Major companies headquartered in Peoria include Caterpillar and Maui Jim sunglasses. Peoria is also home to historical architecture and sites, as its history dates back to the mid 1800s as an incorporated town and city.

Points of interest for residents may include the Peoria Symphony Orchestra, which is one of the oldest in the nation. Various theater companies and other groups such as the Peoria Ballet are active as well, performing in venues all around the city. The Contemporary Art Center of Peoria, in addition to the Peoria Art Guild and Galleries maintain the fine arts of the city, bringing works from around the country and the world into Peoria. The Art Guild holds an Annual Art Fair that was ranked one of the top 100 art fairs in the country.

Parks are numerous in Peoria. Jubilee College State Park is located right outside the city in Peoria County with various trails for biking, hiking, and many other activities in its 3,200 acres. Around town, various smaller parks and golf courses are available, including Glen Oak Park, which contains the Peoria Zoo, Glen Oak Amphitheatre, and Luthy Botanical Gardens. The Riverfront also offers a more commercial experience, though can also be an enjoyable daytime spot for recreation.

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