Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been a center of industrial production since the late 1800s, thriving on coal and steel, and today it remains an important center of commerce for the US. In addition to banks and factories, the city has also had a large impact on American art, being the birthplace of Andy Warhol, and residence of Keith Haring. The neighboring town of Mill Run is the site of one of modern architecture’s most famous pieces, Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright. The city places a great emphasis on the arts, with funding from the Heinz and Carnegie families, entertainment venues and museums are world-class. Pittsburgh is also home to several universities, and is considered one of the safest and most affordable cities to live in.

Settled in rolling hills, close to mountain terrain, Pittsburgh has plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The parks of Pittsburgh are well maintained, which includes the over 7,500 acre Raccoon State Park. Here you can hike, bike, horseback ride, cross-country ski on the trails, and enjoy water sports on Raccoon Lake. In close proximity to the city there  is the largest ski area in Pennsylvania, Seven Springs, whose elevation reaches almost 3000 feet. Though the city has a very industrial aesthetic, it is surrounded with nature, providing a great chance to stay healthy and active.

If you are a resident of Pittsburgh in search of a great health insurance plan, there are several options to choose from. Since some residents may be college students, make sure you check for student plans in the area. To get a relevant quote for your age, family size (if applicable), and price range, enter your zip code below:


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Since the client does not expect to need many medical services throughout the year, and has no known conditions, takes no medications, she is looking for a plan that is simple and inexpensive with a relatively low deductible. There are several options, such as a PPO, high deductible, and HSA. The choice depends on whether the client wants a variety of options, a safety net in case of emergency, or saving funds for future medical use. Below are the plans with the greatest savings from the three most reliable insurance companies in Pittsburgh:




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