Reno, NV


Reno, Nevada is obviously known as the “Biggest Little City in the World,” according to it’s advertisement upon downtown entry. Swarming with casinos, Reno is also where Harrah’s Entertainment was originated, and the location of the headquarters for International Game Technology, a major slot machine manufacturer. The third largest city in the state, Reno also doubles as an arts community in addition to its gambling and tourism. The Art District downtown features local artists in its shops, restaurants, and galleries, creating a cultural nook. The Nevada Museum of Art also displays a wider ranger of works, with contemporary and historical art, in addition to landscapes specific to the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin.

Those who enjoy the outdoors have many options around Reno. The Northern Nevada region is ideal for biking, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, camping, and other activities throughout the year in parks and open spaces. The Reno area has fifteen nearby ski resorts, which fill up during the winter months and offer courses for all levels of rider. Other activities in Reno center around downtown, with a casino atmosphere providing games and showrooms with comedians, musical acts, and novelty shows.

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For a more clear picture of individual health insurance in Reno, Nevada, we ran a sample quote to show a few options for affordable coverage. In this instance, our quote is for a healthy Reno resident, who is a 28-year-old nonsmoking male. This applicant is looking for the best coverage for the lowest price, though he knows he does not need anything more than a few routine services throughout the year. Having comprehensive coverage is still important to this Nevadan because you never know if your favorite slot machine will be covered in flu virus, for example.

Nevada health plans are offered in HMO, POS, PPO, and HSA types. HMOs are available through Health Plan of Nevada, and have no deductibles or coinsurance, with reasonable premiums and copays on all covered services. PPO plans are offered through all other companies in the region, giving access to care in and out of network for higher costs than the HMO plan. If you are looking to save the most money and aren’t too picky about your medical providers, HMOs are a great option. Below are the health insurance policies we would suggest to this resident from each company in the area.