Richmond, Virginia is the capital of the state, and is also a major corporate hub of the nation, featuring the headquarters of companies like Brink’s Security, CSX Railroad, CarMax, and Circuit City. In addition to having a stable economy, Richmond has also been named one of the most livable mid-sized cities and has an incredible history. Many historical buildings still remain intact in Richmond, and the city’s attractions pay homage to its roots and culture. The city itself has a population of about 200,000, which leaves it not too crowded and comfortably settled in the low, rolling hills of Virginia’s Piedmont region.

Virginia outdoor activities are in abundance throughout the state, and Richmond is near a variety of outlets for natural beauty. State parks Pocahontas and York River are located in close proximity to Richmond, with trails for mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, and canoeing. The Blue Ridge Mountains are also nearby, which offer even more opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast of Richmond for a short commute.

Those who prefer indoor activities also have plenty of options in Richmond, as it contains many collections of historical artifacts, writing and art works, architecture, and information in the Museum District. Richmond has also been the source of many successful musical groups and acts from varying genres, from metal to R&B. The arts are very prevalent and take many forms in Richmond, ranging from bluegrass to performance theater and the city has more than enough acclaimed venues to support ongoing entertainment.

If you are a Richmond-Petersburg area resident, there are six top health insurance companies to select a plan from, including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia, Aetna, Humana, UnitedHealthcare, Optima Health, and Coventry. These are all highly recommended companies with a variety of plan options, though we have only featured one plan from each carrier in this sample quote. To see all of the plans available in your area and get an idea of pricing for your age group and family size, enter your zip code in the box below. Since some residents are college students, make sure you check for student plans in the area if that applies.


To give a detailed illustration of what health insurance options are available in Richmond, a quote has been created for a sample client who is a 31 year old female, non-smoker who lives in Downtown Richmond. This client is in good health and utilizes the opportunities to be active in the city and its surrounding natural areas, and they also are considering their lowest cost options for health insurance.

Because the client does not expect to need many medical services throughout the year, though she wants emergency coverage in case something happens, she is looking for a plan that is easy to use and not very expensive. We suggested this client choose a deductible of $2500, which tends to yield a high number of benefits and remain affordable from month to month. This way she can still use her health care in case of emergency, and have access to immediate benefits like doctor’s office visits for illness or injury for a copay. Below are the most well-priced plans from each company offered to our sample client in Richmond: