Rochester, MN


Rochester, Minnesota is a small yet booming city that continually makes the Money magazine list of “Best Places to Live,” and offers more than a stable economy. The main staple of Rochester business is the Mayo Clinic, which was founded and is headquartered in Rochester with over 30,000 employees and bringing more than 2 million visitors per year. Nearly all of Rochester’s downtown is filled with the clinic’s many facilities, including hotels, restaurants, and shopping areas. Downtown Rochester features a variety of attractions and activities for permanent dwellers and those just on a short visit.

The summertime brings the Riverside Concerts with local, national, and international acts of many genres performing live for a family-friendly experience. Plenty of local nightlife opportunities are available in Rochester, including pubs, bars, and the Rochester Art Center. The Rochester Art Center is the city’s premier venue for contemporary art, set in an award-winning modern building with rotating artists from around the country and the world. For those who appreciate the outdoors despite a chilly climate, Rochester offers many parks with over 85 miles of paved trails for running, walking, biking, or inline-skating. The trails host several events throughout the year. The city has over 3500 acres of park land with more than 100 individual park areas to enjoy.

If you are a resident of Rochester, Minnesota in search of individual of family health coverage, you have a slim yet dependable number of options. Companies represented in the area include mostly regional entities such as Medica, Health Partners, and Preferred Source. Enter your zip code below to receive a quick quote and compare plan details and premium rates specific to you and your family.


In order to give you a better idea of affordable health insurance plans in Rochester, we ran a sample quote for a 32-year-old male resident of downtown Rochester. This client is a healthy, active resident who uses those lovely trails and does not smoke. He is searching for a plan that is low-cost from month to month, and also has a reasonable annual deductible to meet, therefore we used the $2500 range. Depending whether you see it as convenient or limiting, there are not many plans available in our preferred price range in Rochester, which basically points this client in the direction of Medica for the best plan.

With the choice of PPO plans which gives members the option of using in-network care for a discounted rate or non-network providers of your choosing. Medica is our personal recommendation, as they are the only company offering a full range of benefits with unlimited doctor’s office visits for a copay. Other plans are more limited, but may suit your lifestyle if you do not anticipate using the doctor much, or are prepared to pay more out-of-pocket if the need arises. The following are the best dealsĀ  in this price range from the regional Minnesota carriers available.