Sioux Falls, SD


The largest city in the state of South Dakota, Sioux Falls is home to the Big Sioux River and a large cultural influence from Lakota and other regional tribes. Several health care companies set up shop in Sioux Falls, including Avera, and Sanford Health, comprising the top two employers in the city. With no state income tax, several of the nation’s largest financial companies also enjoy being at home in Sioux Falls. Other than thriving business, Sioux Falls also offers its residents an array of activities and attractions in the arts and other events.

The Sioux Empire Fair is a huge annual event at the Lyon Fairgrounds, and the downtown area has a weekly art walk and a seasonal Sculpture Walk every summer. Also a thriving literary city, the city hosts the Writer’s Voice each year, a reading series of 38 nationally recognized poets and writers. Sioux Falls is also a perfect area for outdoor activities, though cold much of the year. More than 50 parks and greenways are maintained throughout Sioux Falls, including Falls Park, centered around the waterfalls for which the city was named.

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