Wichita, Kansas is the most populous city in the state, with over 382,000 residents and a major center for industry. Originally settlesĀ  by the Wichita Indians, the city’s major public sculpture is a 44-foot tall steel statue of The Keeper of the Plains surrounded by fire pits and visual descriptions of local tribes. Wichita has plenty of cultural attractions to enjoy, including museums of various sorts, a symphony orchestra, and art galleries throughout the city. Every spring, the Wichita Jazz Festival takes place for two days at several venues, and other festivals are offered in the summer such as the 9-day River Festival.

The city also has one of the best city parks systems in the nation, with a park for almost every square mile. More extensive parks for serious outdoor activities are close by, including the Cheney State Park, complete with nature trails, and a massive reservoir for all sorts of water activities. Wichita is a very good area for being active, and there are many opportunities to bike, walk, and run in the city limits and in its more natural surroundings.

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For a clearer look at the health plans are available in your city, a quote was created for a sample client who is a 30 year old, non-smoking female living in downtown Wichita. This client is in good health and uses the opportunities to bike, walk and be active in the city, and is not looking to spend too much on health insurance, while still getting a good set of benefits. In case they experience some kind of health problem suddenly, they prefer to have coverage for emergency care and other hospital services.

We would suggest a $2,500 deductible in order to receive a great level of coverage and affordable premiums. This level also is fairly inexpensive and covers a greater number of benefits if they ever do need hospital care, lab work, or surgery. Each of these plans provide preventive care, and flexibility by giving access to in-network and out-of-network providers. The following plans looked like the best selections for saving money and access to solid coverage for this client.