East Coast Health Insurance offers only top rated health insurance companies with reliable reputations for paying claims.  We make it a point to get appointed with all national and regional carriers in every state.  This section includes articles and information about every carrier from Cigna, Aetna and United to regional carriers like AvMed in Florida or Medica in Minnesota.

You will notice that we do not pitch any limited medical plans on our quote engine or reference any plans in this site as we believe those plans do a disservice to their members, even if they are free.  The only situations where they make sense is if you are going to enroll in PCIP which has a 6 month wait in most situations.

Every article in this section offers a frank discussion of the various health insurance carriers for sale in your area and we will go over the benefits and premiums.  If the premiums are high we will say so.  However, sometimes a company can have high premiums in certain demographics and lower in others.  Additionally, premiums can change monthly or quarterly depending on a carriers whimsy.  (Yes perhaps whimsy is a poor choice of phrasing.)

In any event, it would do us a disservice for you to make up your mind based on our analysis without you running your own health insurance quote and see what plans and companies are the best value for you and your family.