Assurant Health

In operation since 1892, Assurant has provided health plans to commercial and individual members throughout the nation, and currently serves over 1 million members. By providing quality health care to customers with an emphasis on individuals, the company has proven itself an effective source of coverage. Assurant Health offers affordable health plans such as major medical, supplemental, and fixed-benefit plans for individuals, families and small employers.

Assurant Health stands behind its values of delivering access to convenient health care delivery, simplicity in products, and value-added services to help customers better manage their medical spending. The company’s health products are underwritten by John Alden Life Insurance Company, Time Insurance Company, and Union Security Insurance Company.

Company History

Assurant, Inc. provides specialty insurance products in the U.S. and select markets in other countries. The company facilitates multiple sectors including Assurant Employee Benefits, Assurant Health, Assurant Solutions, and Assurant Specialty Property. Founded in 1892 as the LaCrosse Mutual Aid Association in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, the company formed by offering disability insurance. Since then, the company has upheld a strong standard of customer care and successful administration of coverage.

One of Assurant Health’s main companies issuing their plans is Time Insurance Company, which has also been in business since 1892. Currently headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the national carrier Assurant Health has approximately 2,000 employees.


Assurant Health Individual Plans



These limited benefit plans offer coverage with no deductible to meet, and set cash benefits for covered medical services. With no deductible, this affordable option provides access to immediate benefits. Covered medical events such as doctor’s office visits, urgent care, X-rays, hospital care, and prescriptions are offered for a copayment (availability of benefits depends on your plan). All plan levels give discounts for prescriptions, and there are various ways to save money on health care with your plan.

Major Medical

These plans provide a broad range of benefits including preventive care covered in full before meeting your deductible, and more coverage after is it met. As a PPO plan, you have the freedom to use in or out-of-network providers, with lower prices for in-network care. These plans are available to individuals who are self-employed, not covered by their employer, retired but not eligible for Medicare, or in between jobs.

There are two options for Major Medical plans with Assurant Health. These include CoreMed and OneDeductible:

  • CoreMed plans have a variety of coverage options with the ability to customize benefit levels in order to control premium rates. Benefits included are ideal for routine health care as well as unexpected major services.
  • OneDeductible plans are HSA-qualified, therefore offering a simple plan outline and tax advantages. With all care covered for a percentage of coinsurance after deductible, these plans have one deductible for all family members and all covered benefits, including prescriptions.


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