Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado

For nearly 70 years, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has had a vision for a healthy Colorado – to improve the lives of the people in their community. Today, more than 880,000 Coloradans rely on Anthem’s health products and services, and they are the only Colorado insurer that serves every part of the state and every segment of the market. They definitely take pride in their state.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers a variety of health coverage plans to meet the needs of individuals and families. Plans currently offered in Colorado are listed below. To see detailed information about these plans, put your zip code in the form above and get a personalized Colorado health insurance quote. There you can compare plan benefits and rates, get an instant personalized quote, and even apply online.

PPO plan with the highest level of medical benefits we offer

  • Robust benefits for both routine and unexpected medical care.
  • Options include an unlimited number of doctors’ office visits for various covered services. You will be responsible for a predictable copayment, even if you haven’t satisfied your deductible.
  • Annual vision screening exam with copayment.
Lumenos® HSA Plus
Traditional PPO coverage with added financial flexibility

  • Pair with an optional Health Savings Account (HSA) for more flexibility and potential tax advantages.
  • In-network covered services paid at 100% after you meet your deductible.
SmartSenseSM Plus
Covers the essentials and more at some of our lowest monthly rates

  • Choose from a range of deductibles and co-insurance levels to change the plan to better meet your needs.
  • Immediate coverage with predictable copayments for the first three doctors’ office visits, per plan member, per calendar year.
  • Choice of prescription drug coverage options.
CoreShareSM Plus
Affordable protection against significant unexpected medical costs

  • Wide array of covered services, including doctors’ office visits, hospital, surgical, and outpatient care.
  • Access to Anthem’s discounts for in-network covered health care services.
  • Higher percentage of member cost-sharing in exchange for lower premiums.
Combines affordable protection with some immediate benefits

  • Innovative plan design helps limit your share of the costs for major medical expenses, such as surgery and hospitalization.
  • Immediate coverage for the first two doctors’ office visits for covered services
Straight up, affordable coverage tailored to protect young adults from unexpected medical expenses

  • Covers four office visits per year before deductible, with $20 copay per visit. Additional visits covered in full after deductible is met.
  • Immediate coverage (no deductible) for generic prescription drugs.
  • Includes some dental and vision benefits; optional Enhanced Dental coverage is available.
Child-Only Health Coverage
Child-Only Health Coverage for Colorado residents under age 19

  • Open enrollment periods occurring every January 1-31 and July 1-31.
  • Applications will also be processed for child-only plans if Anthem receives the application within 30 days of certain qualifying events.
An association membership offering Critical Illness and Accident Insurance coverage

  • A new type of coverage that may compliment your health care benefits.
  • For as little as a few dollars a day, you can have help to pay for covered accident insurance expenses.
  • With a covered illness, you can get cash in your hand to spend any way you need.