Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) offers affordable health insurance plan options for individuals and families under age 65. You can choose health plans with comprehensive coverage or select a high-deductible health plan that primarily covers major illnesses or accidents. No matter which plan you choose, you can count on Blue KC for quality health insurance and exceptional customer service.

When choosing a health plan the first thing you want is plenty of choices. While that seems obvious, not every insurance company offers the range of plans and options that are available through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. Plans range from the comprehensive benefits of Preferred-Care Blue Premium to the higher deductible RateSaver plan with a Healthy Lifestyle Reward that may further reduce your premium. It’s what nearly one million members have come to expect from the area’s only local, not-for-profit health insurance company.

The Comany

Blue KC is the largest health insurance provider in the Kansas City area, offering health empowerment and trusted support to more than one million members. For more than 70 years, their members have relied on our healthcare benefits and personalized services to help them achieve lifelong health and wellness.  The Blue KC mission statement:  We will use our role as the area’s leading health insurer to provide affordable access to healthcare and to improve the health of our members.

Individual Health Plan Choices from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City

  • Preferred-Care Blue Premium covers the broadest range of healthcare needs. The plan provides healthcare and prescription drug benefits and gives you access to our vast network of healthcare providers.
  • Preferred-Care Blue Premium Brochure Blue Cross Kansas
  • Blue4U is a new PPO product available to individuals under 65 years old.  Blue4U gives you healthcare coverage with low monthly premiums, name brand drug coverage, an optional two-year rate guarantee, a $20 eye exam, and provides the first five in-network doctor’s office visit for just a $40 copay.
  • Blue4U Brochure Blue Cross Kansas
  • AffordaBlue, a high-deductible health plan, offers three dedctible options: $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000.  The plan provides the first five in-network doctor’s office visits for just a $30 copay.  AffordaBlue offers generic-only prescription drug coverage.  However, many popular brand-name prescription drugs do have one or more generic equivalents that are covered.
  • AffordaBlue Brochure Blue Cross Kansas City
  • RateSaver, a low-cost health insurance plan, is ideal for individuals who need “just-in-case” coverage for major illnesses or accidents.  You can choose your deductible and premium to fit your budget, and you’ll still have access to our large network of physicians and hospitals.
  • Rate Saver Brochure Blue Cross Kansas City
  • Blue KC offers this high-deductible, low-premium health insurance plan that can be paired with with a Health Savings Account (HSA), offering you cost-savings and tax-savings.  You can open an HSA with the bank of your choice and use the funds to pay for qualified medical expenses tax-free.  Plus the money stays in your accont until you use it – you don’t lose it at year-end.
  • Blue Saver Plan Brochure Blue Cross Kansas City
  • The short-term security insurance plan is for individuals and families who are temporarily without healthcare coverage (e.g., in between jobs or in college).  Coverage becomes effective as of midnight the day that we accept your enrollment.  You can choose the deductible and coverage period to fit your budget and will receive a maximum of 12 consecutive months of coverage.
  • Short-Term Security Brochure Blue Cross Kansas