Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware

With nearly 80 years of service, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware (Highmark Delaware) offers a comprehensive portfolio of health benefits products to nearly 397,000 customers. Highmark Delaware is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.


Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware calls their individual health plans, BlueIndividual. They understand that no two individuals’ needs are the same, so their BlueIndividual plans are built to accommodate these different needs. BlueIndividual health plans are medically underwritten and have a wide range of coverage levels and features. All individual health plans feature 100% coverage for most preventive services, including periodic physical exams, routine vision exams and immunizations and routine well-child care.

Blue Individual Highlights
•  Maximum flexibility–Multiple deductible levels available under individual and family coverage
•  Preventive Medical services–Preventive services, such as routine mammograms and immunizations, are covered at 100%
•  Prescription Drug Coverage–Prescription drug coverage is included in all plan options. Benefits vary based on selected plan.

These health plans* offer varying deductibles, which are designed to fit different budgets and needs. Blue Individual plans also feature affordable copays for primary care physician office visits, and have prescription drug benefits.

In addition to varying deductibles and costsharing, these high-deductible health plans give you the choice to fund a tax-advantaged savings account that you can use to pay for qualified medical expenses. The funds contributed to these Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) roll over and accumulate year-to-year if not used. These plans also provide prescription drug coverage.

Preventive care

All of  the Blue Individual health plans feature 100% coverage of preventive medical services, including:
•  Periodic physical exams
•  Routine vision exams
•  Annual GYN exams
•  Routine mammograms
•  Immunizations and routine well-child care
•  Routine colonoscopy

easyPay Option for convenience

To save time and postage costs, Highmark Delaware offers a convenient EasyPay option so you can have your premium withdrawn automacally from your bank account using secure bank drafts. This service is available at no additional cost to members.

Additional Benefits Of Blue Individual the BlueCard® Program

Planning a vacation or business trip? With the Blue Cross and Blue Shield BlueCard® network, your coverage travels with you. When you enroll in either an EPO or PPO plan, you have access to more than 900,000 providers and 6,000 hospitals nationwide. Getting access to care is as easy as presenting your Highmark Delaware identification(ID) card. Providers who participate with the local Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan, wherever you arewill recognize and honor your card. So no matter where you go, your benefits go with you.

Discount Program

Many services are available to Highmark Delaware members at a discounted price simply by showing their Highmark Delaware ID card. Discounts include:
•  Vision (eyeglasses, contact lenses)
•  Alternative health and wellness services
•  Fitness centers