Health Net of Oregon

Health Net is conscious of the fact that individual health plans are an individual decision. This is why their company is dedicated to providing Oregon with quality health care at a great price. Many types of individuals and families can benefit from a Health Net of Oregon plan, as they offer various PPO plans to suit a range of budgets.

The company has been offering health plans for nearly 30 years, putting forth diligent effort to earn the status of “Excellent” from the National Committee for Quality Assurance for its plans in several states. Health Net also has received the Gold-Level Achievement from the American Heart Association’s Start! Fit-Friendly Companies Recognition Program, in addition to several other awards.

Oregon Plan Options

Oregonians have the convenience of using the Basic PPO plan from Health Net, which makes receiving health care very simple and comprehensive. These plans come in three different deductible options, $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000 for individuals. Preventive care is covered with in-network providers at 100% as soon as your plan starts, which includes well-baby care, OB-GYN annual exams, routine physicals and immunizations. The in-network and out-of-network deductible are combined with these plans, as well as the annual benefit maximum.

PPO Basics is a subscriber-only plan, which means no dependents can be on any member’s plan. Each member of your family must apply separately for their own plan. These plans also offer additional benefits including dental and vision coverage, which can be purchased as a supplemental plan to your main PPO.

If you are a resident of Oregon in search of quality coverage that is easy to use, keep in mind the PPO Basics line of products from Health Net of Oregon. Whether you are in between employers, or your employer does not offer a health plan, these PPOs offer great coverage for individuals.