What can I say about Humana One?  I have sold them literally for years and East Coast Health Insurance has a very cordial relationship with them.  I find their individual product to be usually in the top 1-3 plans in any quote proposal.  We sell them in every state where they are offered and their agent representatives come here usually once a month to give us a kiss and thank us for last night.

Humana One (Humana One is the name of the individual product offered), is just a great value plan and it usually is the plan that we sell to larger families and single young people.  They enjoy some of their competitive advantages from simply having been in business for so long, which allowed them to build their network in a cost effective manner.

A Little Humana Ad Copy

Humana One is a health insurance option for individuals and families with affordable, accommodating plans available for anyone. There are plans offered for students, recent college graduates, early retirees, and self-employed business owners, to ensure everyone receives the benefits they need to stay healthy with quality care. Many of their plans include benefits that other companies only provide through group insurance, for instance preventative care and wellness programs. Humana One plans are supported by a division of Humana, Inc., one of the most prominent publicly traded health and supplemental benefits organizations in the country.

Keeping Care Affordable

Humana One is mindful of the fact that medical care is only getting more expensive, and they offer dependable, reputable services for a cost that you can manage. They will work with you to not only find a plan that fits your budget and needs, but include features to help reduce your healthcare expenses.

Finding the Plan That Works For You

There are many choices within the Humana One system when it comes to types of plans and deductibles, with the ability to customize with extras for an additional fee. Under Humana One, you have the freedom to choose the doctor or hospital you want, with more of the cost covered by Humana if you choose in-network. Another benefit is that their coverage continues if you relocate to a participating state.

Savings on Medical Care

With Humana One, discounts are available for many services for example over-the-counter medications, vision care, chiropractic, and even massage therapy.


Members receive access to a personalized website where information can be accessed, and Humana keeps track of your benefits, budget, and offers you more avenues for affordable health care. With MyHumana, you can access your year-to-date medical costs and manage your out of pocket spending. They even offer personalized tips for saving money when you need it. It is also conveniently formatted as an app for iPad and iPhone.