Kaiser Permanente of Colorado

Residents of Colorado have an excellent health care option in Kaiser Permanente, one of the first health plans in the history of this country, continues to blaze a trail through the health care industry. This long-standing company remains at the cutting edge of health care innovation, connected to Kaiser Family Foundation, they are constantly improving their technology and services to better serve the consumer.

Members of Kaiser Permanente health plans have many benefits in addition to their coverage. The vast number of wellness programs, tools, and resources given through Kaiser Permanente’s website and publications offer not only insight into healthy living, but discounts as well. Their health care system integrates all types of care to create comprehensive and thorough coverage for all plan members.

Kaiser Permanente is headquartered in Oakland, California, and they have been in operation since 1945. As one of the leaders in health care, Colorado residents can depend on non-profit health plan Kaiser Permanente to provide high quality doctors and facilities with affordable coverage.

Colorado Health Plans

Throughout the state of Colorado, Kaiser Permanente offers three main types of plans, with various deductible options therein. Deductible HMO plans in Colorado offer benefits for a predictable copayment as soon as your plan begins, and also more services for 30% or 40% coinsurance after you meet the deductible.

Deductible options range from $1,000 to $7,500. Many of these plans cover prescriptions, doctor’s office visits, emergency care, and urgent care for a copay. High deductible amounts offer 40% coverage after deductible for hospital care, labor and delivery services, outpatient surgery and more.

Colorado residents also have access to the HSA-qualified HMO plans, which give members the opportunity to set aside funds solely for use on health care. These funds gather and can be used towards any type of cost-sharing or out-of-pocket expense, helping to reach the deductible amount.

For more detailed plan options, fill out a quote and see a full comparative list.


Coverage Areas

Kaiser Permanente coverage in Colorado is available in Denver and Boulder.