Kaiser Permanente of Ohio

Kaiser Permanente is one of the country’s leaders in health care and offers an incredible quality of care through their provider network. The company insures millions of Americans and they have developed one of the best system of medical care to date.

Ohio residents can choose from two main plan types. View more details below or see our rates instantly by filling out your zip code above to discover how affordable our health insurance plans and health coverage plans can be. Which plan is right for you? We’ll help you figure it out. Call us now at 888 803 5917.

Kaiser Permanente

At Kaiser Permanente, everything we do centers around you. As a member, you can work with your primary care physician to develop a personalized plan focusing on wellness and prevention to help you achieve your health goals. You’ll also have access to member programs designed to help you be healthy, stay fit, and feel your best.

Kaiser Permanente is composed of Kaiser Foundation Health Plans (nonprofit, public-benefit corporations), Kaiser Foundation Hospitals (a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation), and the Permanente Medical Groups (for-profit professional organizations). The largest nonprofit health plan in the United States, Kaiser Permanente serves 8.7 million members in nine states and the District of Columbia.

What makes us unique is our integrated model of health care delivery. We are an integrated health delivery system, which means that we provide and coordinate the entire scope of care for our members, including:

  • preventive care
  • well-baby and prenatal care
  • immunizations
  • emergency care
  • screening diagnostics
  • hospital and medical services
  • pharmacy services
  • As a nonprofit health plan, we are driven by the needs of our members rather than the needs of shareholders. We also believe that we have a responsibility to serve the communities in which we operate. Some of our community activities include:

  • providing assistance to the uninsured and special populations
  • training new health professionals
  • introducing new delivery methods into the health care field
  • developing and sharing better ways of caring for patients
  • Deductible plans

    Deductible Plan Details in Ohio

    These plans offer lower monthly premiums in exchange for your sharing the costs in copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance.

    • Annual deductibles with immediate benefits
    • Lower premiums

    HSA-qualified deductible plans

    HSA Plan Details in Ohio

    These plans offer some of the lowest premiums and a tax-free way to build savings for qualified medical expenses.

    • 100% coverage on qualified services after deductible
    • Pay for health care with tax-deductible HSA funds