Medica health insurance is available for residents of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Depending on the state and region of the state where you live, a variety of different Medica plans are offered that range from basic coverage, high deductible, HSA, short-term, comprehensive dental, and copayment plans. The following is their full list of plan options.

  • Individual plans (for one): This plan is designed to be affordable for young adults (19-29), though it is available to anyone up to age 64. The annual deductible covers in-network office visits, preventive care, prescription drugs, hospital services, and up to $50 annually for eyewear (in some states). Other eligible services are also covered in-network after payment of the deductible. You may also receive care from an out-of-network provider, though it will cost a bit more, or no coverage will be applied.
  • 1+Anyone plans: This plan can cover one or two people, with great in-network benefits like a $20 or $40 copay for office and urgent care visits with no visit limit, 100% coverage of preventive care, hospital services, maternity, and other qualifying medical services.
  • Individual and family plans: This plan is for families of any size, with a primary applicant between ages 19-64, and dependents over 60 days old. Coverage is available for in-network preventive care, hospital services, a $30 or $60 copay for office visits, and has a wide range of deductible options.
  • Individual and family plan for HSA: These plans have a high deductible, an optional health savings account, and online tools to help manage your health care and accounts. This plan offers 80 or 100% coverage on office visits, hospital care, maternity, preventive care, prescription drugs, surgery, and other eligible medical services. The funds you place in your HSA are federal tax-deductible and in certain states state tax-deductible. You may choose to accrue interest or save until you need to apply it towards medical care.

Short term and dental coverage is also available in some areas. Medica has a network of 27,000 various providers, at over 4,000 offices, clinics and hospitals in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you live in one of these states, Medica is a great choice with many ways to personalize your care.