Medica of South Dakota


Medica is a top health insurance carrier throughout the state of South Dakota. The company offers affordable medical coverage to all age ranges and periods in life, such as sole proprietors, newly graduated individuals, those between jobs. Their largest network, Medica Choice, includes nearly 27,000 providers throughout the Mid-West.

South Dakota residents have four different health plans to choose from, giving members access to their large network of providers. Medica holds the highest level of accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), with the title of “Excellent” for its South Dakota plans, in addition to many other awards and recognition for their programs.

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South Dakota Individual Health Plans

South Dakota residents have access to a great number of providers throughout the state, and can choose a health plan to fit a variety of budgets and personal preferences. With a range of deductibles and coverage options, Medica’s PPO plans give everyone from single individuals to large families the health care services they need for prevention and emergency.

Medica Solo

These plans offer coverage for one individual with a variety of benefits, including a great wellness program with fitness club discounts, pharmacy coverage, and many doctors to choose from in-network. You can choose between 80% and 100% coverage after deductible on in-network care, and receive several services for a copay as soon as your plan starts. Immediate benefits include doctor’s office visits, eyewear, prescription drugs, and preventive care.

Medica Encore

These high-deductible plans offer coverage for any one or two adults or one adult and one child, with immediate benefits for a copayment. Encore plans cover everything from doctor’s office visits and preventive services, to eyewear and maternity care. After the deductible is met, these plans cover 100% of your in-network hospital care and other qualified services. You have the freedom to choose your own level of deductible and office visit copayments.

Medica Symphony

These plans work for one person or a whole family. Designed with families in mind they include unlimited office visits and convenience care for a copayment and 100% coverage on preventive care. As soon as your plan begins, you have access to office visits, prescriptions, and eyewear for a predictable copayment. Preventive care is also covered in full as soon as your plan begins. With a variety of deductibles to choose from, this is a perfect solution to covering dependents and keeping everyone in good health for an affordable rate.

Medica Symphony for HSA

These plans are available for individuals and families interested in a high deductible health plan, or in opening a health savings account (HSA). Offering comprehensive coverage and flexibility, HSA plans have the option of adding a tax-advantaged fund for medical expenses. Available in a wide range of coverage, deductible and cost sharing options, these plans give you the ability to select the plan you need. The funds you contribute to your HSA are federal tax-deductible and state tax-deductible in South Dakota. You can decide to earn interest or invest until you need to withdraw to pay for medical, dental, vision, or other qualified health care costs.


This plan offers short-term health insurance coverage for individuals and families in South Dakota for 30, 60, or 90 days. Members have temporary access to the Medica Choice network for an affordable rate. Coverage is available on preventive care, doctor’s office visits and hospital care, and is a great way to protect yourself against exceedingly high medical bills when you’re at a transitional time period. These plans are ideal for those in-between jobs, recently graduated, or waiting for employer-sponsored coverage to begin at a new job.