Regional Health Insurance Companies

This section is used to hold all of our pages on the smaller nationwide health insurance companies that we offer or want to offer. The truth is some companies choose not to appoint large agencies that don’t have a physical presence in area. Luckily, most companies don’t mind as we usually write more business than the local agents who don’t have a strong internet presence. Also in fractured, rural population states it is nearly impossible for a street agents to sell policies state wide even if the state is small so the internet allows us all to connect.

An example of the companies in this section include Avmed a Florida health plan and Rocky Mountain Health Plan in Colorado. Both happen to be not for profit and both have excellent individual health plan portfolios. We are also proud to offer both companies. If you are looking for a particular company and it is not in this section or not showing up in our quote engine,  please use our contact form to alert us.