QualChoice Health Insurance is Arkansas’ premier healthcare insurance provider, locally based to offer care exclusive to the residents of Arkansas. For those who prefer a local alternative to the several national carriers in the state, QualChoice gives health insurance options to many groups of people. As the second largest health benefits organization in Arkansas, QualChoice offers a full line of PPO, POS and HMO plans, with additional pharmacy, life, and FSA products. QualChoice of Arkansas was named the 2012 Business of the Year by the Arkansas Business Publishing Group for its class of 76 to 300 employees.

With comprehensive benefits worked into each of their plans, QualChoice is available to businesses, individuals and families, Medicare recipients, self-employed, students, and more. Operating since 1994, the company prides itself on a skillful combination of cost-effective care and great customer service. By personalizing care for each member, QualChoice makes an effort to be helpful and effective as a source of health care coverage.



The QualChoice network of providers gives members access to over 9,200 physicians, 175 hospitals, and 1,130 ancillary facilities throughout Arkansas. QualChoice also offers coverage and access to top quality transplant centers across the country. They also offer a national network for members who travel or live outside of the coverage region.

Members of QualChoice plans also have the ability to participate in QuicRewards programs, which offer incentives and bonuses for taking care of yourself. Rewards include a variety of discounts from health-related companies in Arkansas. By participating in a weight loss program, getting a fitness club membership, and seeking other avenues of maintaining a health lifestyle, QualChoice will give members a special price not available to the public.

QualChoice also offers their QCare health management programs providing counseling, coaching, support, and education for individuals who have cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and are pregnant. There is also a 12-week program to help members stop using tobacco. These programs are a great contribution to your investment in a health plan, and QualChoice helps to keep its members healthy.


IQ Choice Individual Health Plans

Residents of Arkansas who are not covered by a group policy or are uninsured for any reason have a great option in IQ Choice plans from QualChoice. Offering affordable, comprehensive coverage, IQ Choice plans give individuals and families various levels of benefits and pricing to choose from. They offer four different types of PPO plans to cater to the needs of the community, with competitive rates and low costs.

Each plan comes with the ability to add on other types of beenfits not included in your regular plan. These include mental health care, maternity coverage, and TMJ treatment.

Select Premier

These plans offer in-network care with immediate benefits, including $30 copayments for primary care office visits and $50 for specialists. Once the deductible has been met, Select Premier plans cover 80 percent of inpatient and outpatient hospital services received through the provider network. With deductible options ranging from $500 to $5000, you and your family can find a plan to fit your budget.

Select Complete & Complete Plus

These plans give members lower monthly premiums in addition to total coverage of medical services. Another PPO plan with first-dollar benefits, doctor’s office visits with a PCP are $30 and specialists are $50. Emergency room care is also available for a copay. Select Complete plans cover 70 percent of major medical care after deductible, requiring 30 percent coinsurance from the plan member. These plans have a $3000 out-of-pocket maximum, and deductibles from $500 to $5000 for individuals. Prescriptions are also covered on five different tiers as indicated by their formulary.

Select Basic

A minimal plan that covers your essential health care needs, Select Basic provides a $30 copayment for primary care visits as soon as your plan begins. Necessary coverage is offered with such plans, paying your major medical costs such as in-network inpatient and out patient care and specialist visits in full after deductible. Deductible options are $7500, $10,000, and $20,000 for individuals, resulting in a low monthly premium. In-network preventive care is also available when your plan starts for no cost. All levels of approved prescriptions and emergency room visits are covered for a copayment as well.

Select Saver

These HSA-compatible plans give Arkansas residents the change to be financially savvy with their medical expenses. Before the deductible has been satisfied, preventive care is offered for no cost with in-network providers. When you do reach the deductible, your plan will cover every qualified medical service with a QualChoice provider for no additional charge. This includes primary care and specialist office visits, hospital care, and emergency services. Prescriptions are available for a discounted rate until you meet the deductible and they are covered in full. Individual deductibles are $2500 and $5000.