WINHealth Partners

The sole licensed health maintenance organization (HMO) in Wyoming, WINhealth Partners offers local residents medical coverage to match specific needs of each member. WINhealth Partners is a nonprofit organization, in operation since 1996 primarily as an employer-based coverage provider. Currently, they provide exceptional HMOs to individuals and families as well, with flexible benefit options and affordable rates.

By placing the core of their company in building provider relationships and serving the community with personalized local care, WINhealth Partners has distinguished itself as dependable name in Wyoming health care. Forming a strong and stable network on the local level helps create a trustworthy and high quality service for each member of their group, individual, and Medicare plans.



WINhealth Partners Network

Provider selection and availability is the most essential component to WINhealth Partners’ successful administration of care. Contracting with hundreds of physicians and health care professionals, and the majority of local hospitals in Wyoming, their network is continually growing to include more medical experts throughout the state.


Individual and Family Plans


Freedom HMO

These plans are available in a small selection of deductibles, making your choices simple. WINhealth even offers a plan completely free of annual deductibles and coinsurance, the Freedom 20 plan, which is entirely copayment based. For an affordable monthly premium, members have access to the WINhealth network and all the convenience and cost savings of a great HMO. Individuals can choose deductibles of $0, $500, $1500, or $2500, and the price increases for additional dependents. All plans offer immediate benefits such as primary care doctor’s office visits for a low copayment. Once the deductible is reached, your plan covers 70 or 80 percent of major medical care.

WINhealth Freedom 2500 Brochure


Freedom HMO HSA-Compatible

At a $5000 deductible, the Freedom HMO can be paired with a health savings account for control and management of medical expenses. With the benefits of an HMO, you receive care within the network for an out-of-pocket cost until meeting the deductible. After deductible, your care with a physician or at a hospital is covered in full by your plan. Preventive care is offered for individuals and families when your plan begins for no cost.

WINhealth Freedom 5000 Brochure