United Health One

United Health One is the individual plan from United Health Care.  We sell a ton of United due to the fact that they have simply the best network in the country.  Almost every 5 minutes they buy another regional carrier and grow.  United Health Care is threatening to become the entire health insurance industry.

East Coast Health Insurance and United Health One are like childhood friends.  Sure we have had a few arguments but in the end we get along great.  They are more like a big brother in actuality as though we are one of their top individual agencies, there is plenty of us out there.  There are bigger agencies that sell for United, but we are getting bigger everyday.

United Health One is dedicated to making an impact on medical care. As a division of the largest singling health carrier in the nation, United Health Group, United HealthCare is an established, premier name in the healthcare field.  They feel that everyone has a right to the healthcare that suits their lifestyle and price range. For individual health insurance United Health One’s subsidiary, Golden Rule Insurance Company provides a variety of plans.

Golden Rule’s health insurance plans include Copay, Health Savings Account (HSA), High Deductible, Short Term Medical, and Student Coverage.

Copay is effective for individuals and families who favor a standard copay plan when paying for medical care.

Health Savings Account (HSA) has a higher deductible with a low price, in addition to savings accounts that benefit taxes. This allows for a larger amount of planning and control when it comes to your medical care costs.

High Deductible is a better option for individuals and families who prefer to pay for routine health care costs.

Student Coverage is an ideal choice for health care as a student.